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Kirsten Dunst Style.

Kirsten Dunst Style
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This is a community for fans of Kirsten Dunst Style. We do NOT support posers. We are a community for people who enjoy fashion and Kirsten Dunst (and what she wears).

-Be nice to everyone.
-Please no fan art (graphics of ANY kind) or fanfiction there are other communities.
-Respect the mods, and their opinions.
-Credit (if you can) the images you use, because it's nice to.
-No hotlinking of images.
-Please only post fashion related stuff to kirsten (ie- no 'news' related posts), again I say there are other communities.
-Posts are moderated, but everyone can post.

I'm currenty looking for contibutors (ie- maintaners) so if you intrested please feel free to apply.

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***note: This community is currently under construction*****